Two Ways to Better Skin WITHOUT Surgery

Erase WrinklesAging is a tricky process. Our collagen and elastin break down, causing our skin to loosen and lines to form. Our facial muscles either become overactive, causing them to pull in undesirable directions; or they weaken, not allowing them to hold features up the way they used to. These are just two of the many factors that contribute to the lax, dry, uneven appearance of aged skin. By the age of 25, our collagen and elastin production has already slowed by about 30%! This is what causes our cheeks to appear sunken in, lips to deplete in size and an overall pull of gravity on our facial features.

So are these effects permanent? Are you forced to accept this appearance? Absolutely not. Fortunately, there are many devices that can help re-stimulate functions that occurred when we once had supple, firm skin. Two of these devices are JuvaShape (V-Shape) and Beautiful Image microcurrent.


JuvaShape is a radio-frequency (RF) laser. It utilizes heat and RF energy to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin fibers while helping to break down fatty tissue within the area. Depending on how the laser is used, it can positively benefit body-sculpting procedures, and help tighten the skin and surrounding tissue. When utilized on the face, the skin is brought to an ideal temperature (which can be relaxing and soothing), which encourages a healing response from the subcutaneous layers. This healing response is what causes the fluctuation in collagen and elastin. According to Alma Lasers, the creators of JuvaShape, it is recommended to receive around 6 consecutive treatments to jumpstart fiber production; followed by maintenance treatments once every 6 months. What sets JuvaShape apart from other RF lasers, is its depth of treatment. JuvaShape boasts the deepest effects.

Alternating Treatments

Here, at Ashbrook Aesthetics, we’ve seen positive results when clients alternate their JuvaShape treat with a Beautiful Image (BI) microcurrent treatment. The BI treatment utilizes a current comparable to a tens unit. This gentle, electrical current causes muscles to contract and strengthen in targeted areas. It also is credited for stimulating healing and flushing toxins. Pairing this treatment with the JuvaShape ensures optimal results, without having to suffer through surgery.

One treatment helps you gain that firm, plump, tight skin you had in your youth; the other ensures the muscles (foundation) underneath the tissue, are capable of holding these fibers in place.

Emily Connellan
Master Esthetician
Ashbrook Aesthetics

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