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Does your skin require a complete overhaul? Do you have dry spots, redness, scars, or aging and deteriorating skin? Are you in search of a return to your youthful appearance, with skin care that is designed to restore and defend your natural beauty? Then Skin Medica skin care is the answer you’ve been searching for. With professional physician’s dispensing the clinically proven skin care system that gets the results you want, you can stop with all of the hollow promises and useless products that don’t work. It’s time to GET the look you’ve been trying to attain.

Skin Care from Skin Medica is the Answer

  • Acne – An entire system designed to help clear your acne issues
  • Age Defense – Rejuvenate your skin, while eliminating or reducing fine lines and wrinkles. Improve your skin tone and texture to stall and even reverse aging
  • Brighteners – A complete brightener. One system to give your skin a natural radiance
  • Cleansers & Toners – Eliminate environmental toxins, clear excess make up and oils, all while hydrating and replenishing your skin
  • Glycolics – The skin renewal process that restores your youthful appearance
  • Moisturizers – Helps retain natural hydration, while returning the smooth and natural beauty of your skin
  • Peels – Removes damaged skin so fresh, new and undamaged skin can grow and replace the old layer
  • Redness Relief – Get the clinically proven reduction product for excessive facial redness
  • Retinols – Decreases the appearance of fine lines while reinvigorating your skin
  • Scar Recovery – Diminish scars and improve surrounding tissue
  • Sunscreens – A total defense sunscreen with the highest level of UVA protection. This includes advanced skin protection designed as the ultimate sun shield
  • Systems & Kits – An all inclusive brightening system for perfecting your skin’s appearance

Give yourself the skin care you deserve with our trained and professional staff and expert and experienced physicians. Ashbrook Beauty is the leader in restoring and preserving your beauty, with proven methods and systems to ensure success and satisfaction.

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