Why Risky Cheek Implants Have Been Replaced With Botox Injectables

Cheek Implants

There are plenty of reasons why people choose to have facial cosmetic surgery. One of the most popular types of facial implants is done through cheek surgery. This article is intended to show you that not only is there a better and safer way than cheek implants, but why the alternative is so much better.

The Risks of Cheek Implants

  • It Can Alter Other Parts of Your Face: There are a myriad of complaints about the cause and effects of cheek implants to other areas of the face. From an increase in saggy skin around the eyes, to a dramatic increase in frown and smile lines or other facial wrinkles. Even complaints about the shape of the lips have been reported.
  • It’s Expensive: This procedure is rarely done for less than $5,000, and if you aren’t satisfied, you’re stuck paying to remove them as well. This means that not only have you wasted the money to get the implants, but now you’re also wasting money to remove them. Not to mention the fact that you will undergo two cheek surgeries instead of only one.
  • Looks Abnormal and Side Effects Such as Swelling Can be Persistent: Oftentimes, such a permanent looking alteration will look funny. Of course people who know you will notice, but they will look funny to strangers too. Many have reported that the cheek implants are obvious, which defeats much of the purpose. Also, swelling has been reported to last for over a month in some cases. That’s a long time to deal with, especially on your face!
  • It Requires Actual Surgery: If you can avoid being cut, wouldn’t you choose a better alternative? The cheek implant process requires the tissue connected to your cheek bone to be lifted in order to place the implant underneath. Aside from the invasive nature of this procedure, what happens if the tissue reconnects in an unnatural way? This can cause strange abnormalities that will actually cause you to look older, rather than younger.

Botox Injectables and Juvederm Injectables Offer a Safer and Better Alternative

So, after reading about some of the horrors of cheek surgery, here’s some reasons why Botox injectables make a better choice for facial surgery with far less risk.

  • It’s an Injection, Not Surgery: No cutting or placement of a foreign object in your face. The injectables are protein and natural sugar compounds. This means no knives, and no unusual additions for your body to react to.
  • It Can be Applied to Many Different Areas on the Face: This includes the nose, lips and mouth, cheeks and other places where lines or wrinkles may occur on your face.
  • The Side Effects Are Fewer and Far Less Risky: There may be some swelling, but the duration is usually only a few days to a week at most, if there’s any reaction at all. A few days is far greater than a month or more, and oftentimes the magnitude of swelling is far less than with cheek implants.
  • Relaxes the Muscle Instead of Detaching it: The Botox injection is comprised of purified protein that blocks the muscle contracting nerves that cause wrinkles. This allows the skin to smooth out while also causing wrinkles and lines on the face to fade over time. Juvederm injections are comprised of a complex sugar that’s naturally found within your tissue. Known as Hyaluronic Acid, this retains water for hydration and plumping of the facial area that is treated.

Hopefully you’ve now found several reasons why cheek implants are not only risky, but expensive, ineffective, and even nightmarish in the end results. Check out the best place for botox procedure and get better results without the regret.

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