Pixel Skin Resurfacing…In Baby Steps!

First stepsPixel Skin Resurfacing laser treatments are amazing for your skin.   Pixel Erbium Yag Laser is an FDA approved laser treatment that is a fractionally ablative procedure.  This means that when the laser fires on your skin, it leaves a tiny dotted matrix showing where your skin has been treated and where healthy tissue is left intact.  This allows for the skin to heal faster.

Complete Healing

This treatment removes damaged tissue on the surface of the skin while it generates heat below in the dermis to stimulate collagen production.   Reduction of fine lines and wrinkles, smoother skin texture,  more even skin tone, improved acne, acne scars and stretch marks, tightening of your skin and stimulation of new collagen growth are just a few of the major benefits of resurfacing with the Pixel (fractional resurfacing laser).   Immediately following the treatment your skin will look and feel like you’ve been sunburned.  This lasts for about 24-36 hours.  Then your skin takes on a bronze/tan like appearance as it prepares to exfoliate.  Complete healing from start to finish takes about 5-7 days.

Sounds Great, Right?

Easy peasy.  For some, yes.  For me?  No way!  While I have always envied and applauded the women and men that can suck it up and brave the deeper and more intense Pixel treatment, I’m not kidding myself into thinking I will ever be one of them!  My skin is very sensitive and reactive and lets face it, I don’t enjoy any discomfort regardless of how awesome the outcome is.

This is why one of my co-workers and I started discussing and experimenting at work with this treatment and came up with what we call the “Baby Pixel”.   Instead of the aggressive Pixel treatments that scare me and keep me off the treatment table, the Baby Pixel uses the same great technology at a lower, more tolerable level.

Gentle and Fast

Because the Baby Pixel is so gentle, it can be done without topical numbing which saves me an hour of time.   Instead of 24-36 hours of redness and “sunburn” heat, I get 1-2 hours of it and then my skin is back to feeling and looking normal. Instead of 5-7 days of healing time waiting for exfoliation to be complete, it takes me 3-4 days and then I’m done!  My skin is left feeling wonderfully smooth and my complexion is bright and healthy.  And even with the Baby Pixel, my cells are still stimulated to create new cells to replace the aged and photo-damaged skin without the down-time.  If you are new to the world of lasers, this is a great “toe-in-the-water” treatment.  No more excuses for me!  I love my Baby Pixel Skin Resurfacing treatments and you will too!

By Yana Lupekha
Master Esthetician

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