GIRL-illa No More

Gorilla No MoreBefore I started working here at Ashbrook Aesthetics I was a Gorilla. Ok maybe I wasn’t an actual primate, but I definitely felt like I shared some follicle sisterhood with the animal kingdom. I guess you could call me a GIRL-illa, parts of my body were covered in thick, course hair and there was plenty of it. I would shave my legs only to immediately feel itchy stubble growing as I stepped from the shower. My under arms would rub raw on hot summer days from my 5 o’clock shadow, and my lady parts was a cross between steel wool and Arborvitae. After I shaved I would get such bad razor burn that I looked like I had a communicable rash and ingrown hairs that would hurt and pustule. I tried waxing my legs but the follicles would bleed, and relive some rather unfortunate incidences with wax that left me skinless and traumatized in unmentionable places. I hated the upkeep and the process, and there were many times I felt ashamed by what I considered my own masculine body.

My relationship with my GIRL-illa came to its climatic change while watching my son play baseball one day. My girlfriend and fellow team mom noticed my rash legs and politely asked me about them. When I told her that it wasn’t really a condition but rather the result of shaving that morning, she mentioned Ashbrook Aesthetics and that I should check them out for laser hair removal. I had heard of laser hair removal before but had always assumed it was for the famous or wealthy. Given that my girlfriend assured me it was affordable and successful I decided to give Ashbrook Aesthetics a call. ( I should mention that my observant and informative girlfriend was none other than Shawna Quade, a then full-time esthetician and now our brilliant office manager. Way to market and advertise, Go Shawna! )

I called, consulted, scheduled, and cried. Yes CRIED! I felt so pampered, loved, and cared for at Ashbrook that I got emotional ok, but that’s a story for a different blog post. I was surprised at how the treatment felt that first time, a little warm but not burning hot, a little prickly but not painful, and a definitely smelly. ( Hey I told you I was hairy, you can’t have that much hair without some singed hair smell. ) I did have a pretty strong reaction those first few treatments, sometimes I would be red and itchy for a few hours after but the reaction always died down by bedtime. After the first 3 sessions, I noticed a huge difference. My hair was growing back so much slower and finer, soon I didn’t get razor rash anymore. Around the 6 treatment mark I went camping and boating for 2 weeks where I wore a swimsuit 8 hrs daily, I only had to shave once the whole vacation and was completely razor burn free ( That was freaking awesome! ).

It took some time to complete my treatments, usually each office visit was an hour and I would come in every six weeks for a repeat treatment on my chosen areas. All in all, it took about a year and a half to complete and it was so worth it! Now I love my smooth skin and not having to prep for shorts season, impromptu dress wearing or giving my swimsuit panty line the once over for stragglers. My hair removal process was life changing for me, Angels sang, Unicorns pranced, and glitter fell from the sky! So if you have ever wanted to try hair removal for yourself give us a call. I can’t guarantee that Unicorns will prance into your life but I can tell you that I/we here at Ashbrook will do a great job and love helping others also become GIRL-illa no more.

Kandida Sabo
Master Esthetician

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