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Close your eyes.Entity One Color Gel Polish

Think back to an evening when you polished your nails before bed.

You spend 20 minutes gathering everything you need, use the restroom, drink some water. You don’t want any reason to have to move once you’re done.  You finish polishing and sit back to admire your work. This is it – the best polish job you’ve ever done.

What was that? Is that the cat begging to go outside? You have to use the restroom again? Your toddler is begging for the sippy cup that just so happens to be in the sink, dirty? No matter how much you prepare yourself for polishing your nails, there’s always something waiting to ruin them before they dry! Then, after all that hard work, they chip two days later.

Now, imagine a world where you nail polish is dry the SECOND you’ve finished it. Let’s go a step further; the polish is hard enough to act as armor for your nails, AND lasts for up to 21 days. Are you dreaming? Nope! It’s a real thing! Welcome to Entity One Color Couture Gel Polish. A hybrid of nail polish and gel-acrylic. You get the colors and options of nail polish, with the strength, shine, and longevity of gel-acrylic.

Utilizing this technology, you now have the option of polished natural nails that are strong and shiny for almost 3 weeks! Not only that, but we offer a diverse selection of shades. From the nudes and sheers, to the bright and glittery! Your job may require you to refrain from colorful nails, but you can still have a shine-coat to help prevent breakage and peeling! Left to cure in-between layers, in an LED light (no UV damage here!), the polish is instantly hard – leaving no wasted time waiting for them to dry.

Aside from a wide selection of colors, we specialize in Pinterest-esque nail art and truly care for the health of your nails! Included in our price, is a complimentary soak-off of your previous product.  Call or come in today to find out more about our Ashbrook Aesthetics Signature Gel-hybrid Manicures.

Emily Connellan,
Master Esthetician

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