Botox Vs. Depression

Botox Vs Depression

Now it’s no secret that I love to sing the praises of Botox®, the stuff is amazing in so many ways.  Botox® is most commonly known for treating facial wrinkles but for me personally, I have Botox® clinically injected for migraine control, cosmetically to keep me looking refreshed and youthful, and in my underarms for a condition known as Hyperhidrosis.  That’s excessive sweating – TMI, right? But seriously, who knew that this little miracle in a bottle could effectively treat so many different things? This is why I find Botox® studies fascinating and am constantly reading about possible uses for it.  I was pretty excited when I recently came across an article from the Psych Congress regarding the treatment of severe depression with Botox® treatments.

This wasn’t some random article with little to no real world applications:  this was a full on positive proof result of depression improvement. “Emotions are expressed by facial muscles which in turn send feedback signals to the brain to reinforce those emotions.  By treating facial muscles with Botox® we can interrupt this cycle.” – Axel Wolmer Psychiatrist & Psychotherapist.  In both men and women with clinical depression the study revealed, “As a whole, the group had a 27% reduction in scores on the Hamilton Depression Rating Scale, improvements were highly significant, effects did not differ by gender.”  This is pretty amazing information! The study further revealed that Botox® injections in the glabella were all that was needed for improvement.  (The glabella is that pesky area between the brows that show our furrow lines.)  Amazing, right? In basic terms, Botox® will not only have you looking fabulous but feeling fabulous as well!

If you need a mid-winter blues mood boost come and see Dr. Jackson for your Botox® treatment.   Now is a great time to book your appointment because our current promotion can help you save up to $140!  Brilliant Distinctions® members who haven’t had Botox® administered for at least 90 days and who get their Botox® treatment before March 31st will receive a $50.00 instant rebate, as well as a $50.00 rebate for your follow-up treatment in 90 days. Plus, your Brilliant Distinctions® points for both of these treatments will give you an additional $40.00 in coupons, bringing the potential savings to $140.00!  That’s too good to pass up so call and make an appointment to get your Blissfully Blessed Botox® today.

Kandida Sabo
Master Esthetician At Ashbrook Aesthetics

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