Airbrush Tanning for Year Around Beauty

Airbrush Tanning

Got the winter blues? Haven’t seen the sun shine in 3 darn months? The cold and wet season is firmly entrenched and doesn’t appear to be going away anytime soon. And getting a suntan right now is laughable, unless you’re going to Hawaii or Florida sometime soon. Since that isn’t a realistic proposition for most of us, the best and safest solution is airbrush tanning.

What Makes Airbrush Tanning so Great?

The reasons are many. Obviously the fact that it’s a sunless spray tan makes a big difference, especially in the cold and wet months. But there’s several more reasons to note as well.

  • Easy and Even Application: Similar to a spray gun like you might see a painter use to paint your house, a trained esthetician will simply spray the solution on your body. No runs or drips.
  • Variations of Shading: This is important for when you don’t want to look like an entirely different person. The shading allows you to have a more natural tan look at the degree you prefer.
  • All Organic: This is obviously important as we don’t want to be immersed in chemicals. DHA is the primary ingredient in airbrush tanning, and it’s produced from sugar cane and sugar beets, as well as glycerin.
  • Airbrush Tanning Application Only Takes 30 Minutes: All of that time you might otherwise spend applying lotions and creams, plus finding the time (or the sun) and space to lay outside and tan will be of no concern anymore.
  • No Burns, Hassle, or Embarrassment: Spray tans won’t burn you, or leave tan lines. No more raccoon eyes!
  • Dries Quicker Than Many Self-Tanning Products: This means you will be far less likely to get those clothing or bedding stains that occur so frequently with other products.

As you can see, there are a number of benefits to airbrush tanning. It’s becoming the most popular way to get a tan due to the safety and ease of use. With our busy lives and lack of sunlight, choose the sensible spray tanning option. Find out about more ways to enhance and enrich your life at Ashbrook Beauty.


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