7 Simple and Proven Skin Care Advice Tips

Skin Care Advice

We’ve all had skin issues of some type in our lives. While the extent of these problems varies depending on the individual, the preventative maintenance that you can do in order to alleviate your symptoms, or better yet, eliminate them entirely is readily available. So here is a list of skin care advice options that should help you have healthier looking skin, with less sagging and bagging, dryness or other unwanted skin conditions.

Skin Care Advice From Experts

While surgery or skin rejuvenation can sometimes be the inevitable skin care advice to treat certain types of skin defects, there are plenty of ways to improve skin health without it.

  • Reduce Stress: Sounds easier said than done right? But there are some simple ways you can reduce your stress. Tension can cause hormonal spikes which can lead to breakouts, or even aggravate certain conditions such as psoriasis. A face mask while relaxing on the bed for 10-15 minutes can do wonders. Also, turning off your cell phone by 8 or 9 pm can help you find relief from your own and everyone else’s problems for the evening.
  • Remember the Sunscreen: Some consider this to actually be the BEST way to keep skin youthful looking. Use an SPF 30 or higher broad spectrum sunscreen, and be liberal about the application. Be sure to coat the neck, ears and face area if you’re going to be exposed to any extended periods of sunlight.
  • Use Paired Methods: If you’re using sunscreen already, add some antioxidants to the equation. Also, if you take retinoids, include peptides in your regimen.
  • The Bag of Peas Trick: For those of you that suffer from eczema, placing a bag of peas on the eyes for about 5 minutes reduces both pigmentation and swelling. Plus, the bag tends to conform to your facial contour, as opposed to solid ice packs. It is recommended that you remove any skincare products you may be using beforehand.
  • Reduce Running or Bouncing: This may sound silly, but the jarring effect from running or high impact cardio actually weakens collagen which leads to sagging skin. Consider cycling or an elliptical machine as an alternative.
  • Sodium and Sugar: Sodium causes puffy skin, especially around the eyes and jawline. Sugar affects the body during the breakdown process, called glycation, which damages the collagen needed to maintain firm and smooth skin.
  • Drink Tea: According to research, both green and black tea contains compounds that reduce the breakdown of collagen, which is the primary cause of wrinkle. Also, tea appears to help prevent cancer of the skin. If it’s possible, consider drinking two or three cups a day. The benefits are numerous.

There’s plenty of skin care advice available these days to help create, maintain, or preserve healthier skin. Also, you might consider products such as Skin Care from Skin Medica that target several needs within one product.

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