4 Reasons You Should Visit a Laser Clinic

Laser Clinic

Have you ever wondered about what goes on inside of a laser clinic? These days, advancements in technology have made laser clinics the state of the art way to get rid of unwanted body hair, blemishes and pigments, as well as unwanted wrinkles and extra weight. And the best part is that it doesn’t require invasive surgery to correct. Here’s a look at some various laser skin treatments that you should consider to revive your confidence and enhance your natural beauty.

The Mysteries of a Laser Clinic Are Unveiled

  • Permanent Laser Hair Removal: The future is now in removing unwanted hair. No more zapping, tweezing or waxing. And best of all? NO MORE PAIN! Painless laser hair removal targets hair follicles at their root, permanently eliminating the follicle so new hair can’t grow back. The treatment process takes about 6-8 weeks, in order to cover the active growth cycles of hair. The use of “DualChill” technology keeps your skin cool during the treatment. Nearly any part of the body can be treated, and the constant motion of the laser means that the area treated is wider, and thus makes the process go much quicker than most other options. Did I mention this is a pain-free process?
  • Pigment Correction: With the use of AFT laser light, a series of gentle pulses penetrate the the sub-surface of skin layers which is absorbed by the blood vessels or pigment, which stops the vessel or lesion in its tracks. This works on age spots, rosacea and red flushed skin, dull complexions, large pores, broken capillaries and uneven pigmentation.
  • Skin Rejuvenation and Cellulite Treatment: Photo rejuvenation with AFT will bring back that youthful appearance you may have lost while healing and invigorating your skin. And the best part is, no downtime. This means you can go about your day the moment you leave the laser clinic.
  • Facial Injectables, Fillers and Treatments: Sun exposure and repeated muscle contractions cause the skin to lose structure and density. This will inevitably lead to folds, crows feet, and frown lines on the face. Botox, Juvederm and Voluma help to correct these problems, and each type of treatment varies depending on what each unique individual requires. These proteins allow your skin to quickly regain the smooth and natural look of your youth. This is the leading cosmetic procedure in the country today. Skin tightening treatments are also used for wrinkles, or sagging skin. As we get older, our body loses the ability to maintain and produce collagen. A non-invasive and near infrared technology safely and comfortably heats the sub-levels of your skin to revitalize the collagen.

Now you have some insight into what a laser dermatology center can do for you. This is just some of the most popular procedures however, as many other revitalizing options are available. Find out more at your laser clinic today, and get back to looking and feeling young again.


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